Sustainability is more vital than ever for our planet. We are committed to sustainable development and finding ways to reduce the impact of our work both in the office and our production facility. Because the next generation, nature, and all living creatures matter to us.

We put sustainability at the core of our business and reduce our carbon footprints. Since ORES was founded, we have attached importance to protecting ecosystems and natural resources while meeting our customers’ needs. Regarding this, we set certain standards and future goals to reduce our carbon footprints.


Waste Management and Eco-Friendly Working Environments

We have efficient recycling areas with three-bin systems ( landfill, recycling, and paper) in global standards while preferring reusable materials, e.g., refillable soap bottles, coffee mugs, water bottles, etc.

Energy usage is kept lower thanks to energy-saving LED lights at our offices and ensured that computers are shut down after work. Our Office staff reuses waste paper (from the printer) wherever suitable unless avoiding the use of paper is impossible.

ORES production facility is subject to Noise and Vibration Tests regularly. We obey the existing rules and make an effort to decrease noise as much as possible.

Recycling and Environmentally- Friendly Materials

We do not use any waste in the hazardous category in production. Together with generated wastes originating from production are ensured to be recycled, our final products are made of %100 recyclable materials enabling every part of our products can be recycled and reused. We prefer aluminium and metal as well as certificated wood or inks.

Our environmentally friendly inks are certified for low- chemical emissions by complying with the ‘UL 2818 – 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings’ standards. (GREENGUARD GOLD Certification, Certificate Number: 248504-420).


Clean Technology; Less Consumption, Less Mistake

We are in favor of eco-friendly, clean technology. We renewed many machines in order to ensure low energy and water consumption and reduce material waste. Our eco-friendly machines eliminate most errors with special mechanisms (e.g., with clever expanding anti-wrinkle roller, high precision CCD camera solving problems beforehand) to prevent reprint. With combining innovation and sustainability, clean technology will always be promoted now and in the future.

Long-Lasting and High-Quality Products with Spare Parts

We manufacture long-lasting, high-quality products to ensure our customers can use them for long. In addition, we have a guaranteed period and spare parts if the product is needed to be fixed even after the period ends.

Alongside manufacturing spare parts, we also focus on more modular designs. Our customers can replace a lost or damaged part of a product thanks to the spare parts that are manufactured even after the period of manufacturing of the original product ends. Modular products enable to add new accessories over time. Thanks to the wide range of accessories opportunities, customers can add accessories to their existing products whenever a new feature or part is needed instead of rebuying a full one.