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Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Slim Led Frame – 25 mm Single Sided

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Slim Led Frame – 25 mm Double Sided

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Led Frame – 25 mm Single Sided

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Led Frame – 25 mm Double Sided

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnet LED Frame – Single Sided

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnet LED Frame – Double Sided

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnet LED Stand

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Crystal LED – Cable Displays

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Crystal LED Frame – Wall Mounted

Lightboxes and Illuminated Displays 

Lightboxes and Illuminated Displays are a broad category full of many promotional and advertising products with lighting systems. Lightboxes or lightened products are used in many areas in order to stand out among competitors and bring your brand and products forward.

Most of the advertising and promotional products can be illuminated by professional producers. You can consider using them if you need to catch more attention in crowded environments or be visible in darker environments.

With high quality, environmentally friendly, and elegant illuminated products you can catch the attention now.

What are the different types of lightboxes and illuminated displays?

Illuminated displays and lightboxes vary by their intended purposes. They have many kinds, such as LED frames, LED stands, illuminated boards and panels, etc. Many businesses and organizations use them to promote their brands, display their products and visuals or provide information. 

For instance, LED Frames allow you to display your graphics aesthetically. You can announce your campaigns, promote your brand and show your logo. 

LED stands are freestanding lightened stands that are applied for presenting posters. Some of them have extended visual areas or curved designs. 

On the other hand, LED info boards or LED menu boards are freestanding or wall-mounted surfaces that enable displaying your menu and giving different information.

Lightboxes usually have a thicker structure; they are quite durable and remarkable. To display your graphics and draw more attention, you can prefer lightboxes.

It can be hard to decide among a lot of LED display products. A professional display company can help you to choose products suitable for your needs. 

Where to use illuminated displays and lightboxes? 

Illuminated displays and lightboxes are frequently used in shops, stores, exhibitions, museums, shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants. So, you can take advantage of illuminated displays in almost any business line and sector. Put your visual forward with these illuminated products and advertise your brand more efficiently. 

Do not forget to design your graphic considering your aim, main message, and brand image. Visual communication tools will help you to establish emotional connections with your target audience. So, if you design your visual properly, you will get excellent feedback with illuminated displays. 

Keep in mind that you can use lightboxes or illuminated displays indoors and outdoors. However,  outdoor displays have different qualifications than indoor displays; therefore, before purchasing, check the qualifications of the product. Also, you can use freestanding illuminated products if you have enough space. Otherwise, wall-mounted LED displays come to help, which have space-saving designs. 

In short, illuminated advertising products can be used in many environments and businesses. However, you should consider your visual selection and place of use. 

Which factors should I consider to buy light boxes and illuminated displays?

First, you should identify whether to use the product outside or inside. Then you should select the place of use and check its dimensions. If your area is wide enough to use freestanding and wall-mounting illuminated products,  you can buy one for each; however, in the case of having a limited place, wall-mounted LED products can be solutions for you.

According to your needs, you can specify the type. For instance, if you wish to buy a lightbox, there are options such as delta lightboxes or classic ones. Curve designs provide a dynamic view if you want to give a call for action message. On the other hand, your aim is essential. For example, menu boards or info boards are specially produced for showing directions or displaying menus.

Another point is the dimension. Indeed, companies offer various options for specific products. Nevertheless, if required, you can ask if the product is customizable. 

High quality is one of the most vital elements, regardless of product type. Because illuminated display products’ electricity system and material determine the product life, you should give weight to quality. Moreover, if you consider an energy-efficient electricity system, you will save money in the long run. Finally, if you check whether the display has a global quality document, such as CE certification, you will use it for a long time. 

Also, practical installation is essential. Many of the illuminated products can now be produced in a way that you can install yourself with simple techniques. If you choose the product installed quickly without any help, you can save time and money. 

Last but not least, alongside product features, we recommend preferring professional producers in the market. They know the product in detail, can solve your problems quickly, and answer your questions better.

How to use illuminated displays and led boxes?

Installation and usage information depends on the product type and model. Therefore, we can not mention specific guidelines. Modern illuminated products work with electricity. In the meantime, LEDs and fluorescents are delivered pre-installed most of the time. So, you are supposed to mount only the main parts with screws generally. 

After you place your visual or poster, you can start your presentation. Depending on the model, you put your visual differently. Thus, the essential thing is getting information from the company you purchased your display. The company also should help you if any problem occurs. It will be easier for you if they have a specific customer service department.

What are the advantages of ORES illuminated displays and lightboxes?

ORES experts design illuminated displays by taking into account the ease of use and durability,. 

When you buy a LED stand, lightboxes or another type of lightened ads product, you should know that not every company produces these displays, but most sell supplied by manufacturers. Therefore, it is tough to get help from them when a problem occurs. They can not know all information about the product.

We design and produce lightened display products in our industrial location. Therefore, we know every stage of production and product information in detail. At the same time, we subject our products to quality control. In this way, we can answer your questions about the products and help you with any problems.

Choosing quality LED displays for long-term use is crucial, as they are reusable advertising and marketing products. Poor quality causes problems after a few usages. All our product components have CE certification, which means they suit global standards. 

We have customers from various countries using our LED stands, light boxes, etc., in their advertisements. One of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector company is quality. Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms like pins or screws, are complied with global standards. Then, we pass our products through quality control and deliver them to you. 

We consider the needs of your business in the production of LED products. We do customize them when necessary, alongside our wide range of products.

In short, we are here for you from design to packing with quality checks, customer service and customization.

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