Why Should You Choose Us?

We design and manufacture displays and signs alongside offering printing services and metal, wood and aluminium processing. Indeed, we work in all spheres of visual communication.

  • Passionate about creativity: we are innovative and experts in product development.
  • We are customer-focused and future-striving.
  • Helping businesses advertise better: we understand your unique needs and produce customized products for your business.
  • Sticking to our principles: we support sustainability, gender equality, environmental protection

Who are we?

We know display. In fact, we have been manufacturing since 1992.

We are one of the industry-leading companies in the display business. We have designed and produced a lot of innovative products and shipped them to many countries in the world. 

Since ORES was founded, we never give up quality; indeed, it is our first principle. We stand behind our products and services and use the best materials and latest techniques.


Our Vision

We support continuous development in order to sustain our key position in the market. We follow global standards recognized internationally, lead innovations and serve as a model for other companies. We have Product Development (P&D) Team that permanently follows global innovations and receives education within this scope.

Quality is a must for us. Quality, in our definition, does not only include high standard products but also contains the success of customer service, after-sales support, transportation, sustainable relationships and warranty process.

We support sustainability. We believe industrial companies should focus on sustainable products to protect the environment. We are aware that the resources are limited. Therefore, alongside selecting sustainable materials, we always provide spare parts and accessories. In this way, you can repair your products even after the warranty. Also, we focus on modular products as far as possible so that you can add accessories anytime when needed.

Our vision is based on long-term business relationships. Thus, we regard our customers’ success as our success. We are doing our best to sustain business relationships.


Our Locations

We are always nearby when our customers need us. Regardless of country, we deliver our products globally. We opened branches in Germany in 2016 and the UK in 2017.

You can contact us through email or phone or come and visit us at our locations:

Head Office: Seyrantepe Mah. Gulizar Sokak No.16/A 34418 Kağıthane /İstanbul

Factory: 1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2.Cadde No:12 Arifiye / Sakarya

Germany Office & Warehouse: Am Blaufuss 8, 46485, Wesel

UK Office & Warehouse: The Solar Barn, Old Park Farm, Ford End Essex, CM3 1LN UK


Design and Product Development

We design and develop display products permanently. We brought in new display models secured by patents. By combining correct materials with correct designs, we focus on modular products, details, quick and easy installation.
In order to meet the needs and demands of our customers, our marketing and production departments develop ideas to display your business suitable with your brand image. If required, we customize the products for you or produce a new one!

We think about the color, profile, glass, or acrylic thicknesses. We take into account bearing capacity factor and transportation, quick and easy installation. We combine our products with your aimed market or brand image.

We design the materials and prepare a prototype study with the help of 3D technology. Then, we consider possible identified defects and change them before presenting our customers.  

All these processes are based on brainstorming, illustrating, visualizing. Each product is subjected to approval and quality control check. Err is human; if there is any mistake, we guarantee that we make it up to you.


Aluminum Display Products

All our aluminum display products are molded by ORES. We have more than 200 aluminum profile designs to present our unique solutions to our clients. From aluminum processing, design, quality control to packaging are realized within our body. We make changes in our standard models according to customer needs, offer new designs and develop the special product on request.


Acrylic Processing

We use laser technology for precision cutting in plastics such as acrylic, PET, PVC. Laser technology enables smooth, clean, error-free products. By combining bending technology with dexterity and experience, we create aesthetic solutions. We renew our machines by following the latest technology. In addition to our standard products, we also prioritize customers’ satisfaction and needs.


Wood Processing

Wood plays a key role in our designs and products. Since wood is a natural material, it provides a warm look at the points of sale.

We cut and shape wood to get it into the desired form thanks to our vertical and horizontal cutting machines. We provide impeccable and smooth surfaces and edges with our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, including milling and edge banding machines. Alongside our wooden display product ranges, wood is an essential material for us, also used to design accessories and decorative components.


Metal Processing

In metal processing, instead of limiting ourselves to one type of material, we use multiple raw materials, such as aluminum plates, metal sheets, iron, stainless steel, e.g. The process includes cutting, sizing, bending, curling, welding, drilling and riveting, sanding, and painting. In other words, we carry through all the processes from beginning to end within our factory. This gives us a chance to offer more affordable services and products. Besides, thanks to this comprehensive perspective, we are able to combine and process various materials with thicknesses, which is quite rare in the market.


Aluminum Processing

Aluminum is a common metal type that comes to the forefront with durability although its low specific gravity. Most of our products are made of anodized aluminium. Anodizing is a protective surface coating process. It provides a decorative look suitable for almost every environment as well as increases aluminium resistance. 

You can take a look at our standard aluminium products. In addition, you contact us to create new and unique designs to meet your needs.


Printing Opportunities

Most of our products are manufactured in a way to be convenient printing applications. Printing is an essential strategy to highlight your company, put your brand forward and create a strong image.

Whether the material is big or small, we have different techniques for printing. You can use printing opportunities from huge advertisement boards to tiny promotions.

We are one of the leading companies having wide-ranging printing methods together. You can find printing options here:

* Silk Screen Printing
* Pad Printing
* Digital Sublimation Textile Printing
* Digital UV Printing
* Transfer Printing
* Router Engraving
* Laser Marking

Also, if you would like to have more information about ORES printing services, you can find it here


Packaging & Logistics

Quality, as we mentioned before, contains excellence in packaging and palletizing processes alongside high-quality products.

We want to send every shipment error-free; this is why we care about shipment quality, packaging, and palletizing so much. We established the packaging department in our factory to ensure complete and intact products.

We provide domestic shipments with our transportation system. On the other hand, our international contractual logistics organization delivers products worldwide from America to Asia-Pacific or Northern Europe to South Africa. We provide airline, road, rail and maritime logistics options at the lowest cost and highest service quality.

We follow every step of shipments and follow up if until you open the package. A part of after-sales support, you will be notified by email about the shipping time or estimated delivery time. Finally, we will check if all products are received well and sound.