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Chalk Boards

Chalkboards are the general name of the products that enable writing on them. They are offered in various designs or sizes, and their usage areas differ. For example, you can write reminders, notes, restaurant menus, and more. 

Many companies, restaurants, cafes, offices, and institutions use chalkboards for advertising. They have a rustic and retro appearance, thanks to surfaces and handwriting areas. 

Where to use chalkboards?

Chalkboards are perfect for work, stores, schools, offices, and personal use. Regardless of the working area, they attract attention with their designs. With renewable handwriting areas, blackboards are very functional. You can change the text or images on the board and rewrite the current prices or information whenever you want. Depending on the types and models, use them as freestanding, hang on the wall or put them on your desk.

At weddings, parties, and other events, place them and say a warm welcome to your guests. To brainstorm, bring them to meetings. Also, you can write your menus and announce your campaigns on Chalk A-boards, tabletop chalkboards, or chalk frames. They are handy as a reminder as well.

Indeed, there is no restriction on using chalkboards. The essential thing is the content of the writing which should represent your business, image, and brand identity. You can add a chalkboard display among your advertising products.

How to choose the best chalkboard?

Before choosing a chalkboard, specify your needs, place of use, and dimensions. Then, you can consider your aesthetic choices. Also, the quality of the chalkboards is vital because it determines product life. 

In terms of usage area, we can categorize them into freestanding chalkboards -or Chalk A-Boards-, chalk frames, and tabletop chalkboards. Tabletop chalkboards  (PRODUCT LINK: are suitable for use on all kinds of tables, desktops, and stands. On the other hand, A- Chalkboards are ideal for use freestanding. Also, if you want to save place, you can prefer chalk frames to mount on the walls.

The size of the chalkboards depends on the space you put the chalkboard. You can consider chalk frames if you have limited space inside. Also, A- chalkboards can be used outside without worrying about space limitations.  

Moreover, the texture of the chalkboard is essential. Various wood types are used as the material, determining both the product life, writing quality, and ease. A reliable and professional seller company can help you with these details. Before choosing a company, you can check whether they have an after-sales support team, customer services, or product warranty. Because if it is required, you should reach them again. If possible, select a manufacturer company with product knowledge from a to z. 

What are the types of chalkboards?

There are three basic types of chalkboards, including different models. The first type is A- chalkboards. Secondly, chalkboard frames. The last type is tabletop chalkboards. While A- chalkboards are used on the floor, tabletop chalkboards are used on the stands or desks and chalk frames on the walls.

Also, chalkboards are offered in different sizes, from very tiny to big ones. You can choose the dimension in line with the place of use. Texture also determines the convenience of using chalk or liquid pencils. Modern chalkboards are usually suitable for writing with both chalk and liquid pencil.

Some chalkboards are only suitable for use indoors. However, there are outdoor chalkboards, too. You should consider whether you use them inside or outside.  

Chalkboard materials are also can be different. Most are made of MDF, although the wood's types and quality change. There are more economical chalkboard models made of different materials, such as polystyrene A-chalkboard.

Finally, do not forget to ask questions about the chalkboard types and models and usage to the company you make orders. Most of the time, manufacturer companies know more about the product. Therefore, we recommend buying chalkboards from the manufacturers.

You can always call or e-mail our customer services for questions.

Where to chalkboards used?

With their simplicity and quick and easy use, chalkboards are popular among almost every organization and business line. They adapt to various sectors with rustic and vintage feelings. You can add a chalkboard among your displays for announcements, advertisements, promotions, and more. For your tabletop use, table chalkboards are perfect on the stands or tables.

Chalkboards are applied in schools, restaurants, cafes, offices, universities, etc. Correct usage of chalkboards contributes to the brand image. How to use it and what you write on it are crucial. Select a text and proper writing style that represents your brand identity. 

What are the advantages of ORES chalkboards?

We design and produce chalkboards by taking into account ease of use and durability. 

Not every company produces chalkboards, but most sell them by supplying them from manufacturers. Therefore, it is tough to get help from them when a problem occurs as they can not know all information about the product.

We design and produce chalkboards in our industrial location. Therefore, we know every stage of production and product information in detail. In this way, we can answer your questions and help you with any problems 

The quality of chalkboards determines product life, and high-quality boards are useable for long years. We always select the correct type and quality wood. All of our products are subjected to quality control.

We have customers from various countries using ORES chalkboards for their businesses. Quality is one of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector. Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms like hinges, comply with global standards. 

We offer a wide- range of blackboards. So, you have many product options to consider and customize when necessary. 

In short, ORES designs and produces many chalkboards by prioritizing customer satisfaction with quality checks, customer service, customization, and global services.