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Furniture Collections

Mody Wine Cabinet

Furniture Collections

Checkers Bookcase

Furniture Collections

Paramount Bookcase

Furniture Collections

Cubic Modular Wine Rack

Furniture Collections

Barile Wine Rack

Furniture Collections

Vina Wine Cellar

Furniture Collections

Paradiso Bar Cabinet

Furniture Collections

Study L-Shaped Table

Furniture Collections

We offer our newly designed furniture collections to organize your room or office with many different pieces. Furniture products are constructed with high-quality materials, from architectural iron frames to wooden to fulfill various needs.

Organize any room with modular storages and shelf systems. Create your study area with a functional table and bookcase. Each item flawlessly coordinates with others, so you can customize an arrangement to fit your space and style. Display your favorite sculptural pieces and flowers on folding shelves and decorate your dining room with wine cabinets

We offer responsible furniture designs with FSC Certified Wood Furniture that show our products are made with wood from responsibly-managed forests. 

What are the types of ORES Furniture Collections?

We offer many products in our Furniture Collections, from side tables, desks, shelves to bar cabinets, floor lamps and wine cellars. While some products were designed with contemporary industrial looks, others give a retro feeling. Also, we have many pieces that comply with Scandinavian room design

You can find bookcases, foldable pieces, wine cabinets, study tables, wine racks, nesting tables and much more in our collections.

Where to use ORES  Furniture Collection?

You can organize your offices, dining rooms, study rooms, kitchens, and garages with ORES  Furniture Collection. You can add a touch to your dining room with a retro bar cabinet and create a functional serving area for your visitors. Even in pubs or cafe shops, you can create a festive, collective, and inviting feeling for your customers with decorative bar cabinets

By using modular or foldable products, you can prefer a minimalist lifestyle in your study rooms or home offices. You can create additional shelves for storing needs in garages.

Indeed, ORES Furniture Collections is designed for all indoor areas.

What are the advantages of ORES Furniture Collections?

Alongside the elegant look, our furniture collections are uniquely designed with many advantages. It is possible to find a lot of bookcases, shelves, side tables and even bar cabinets in the market. 

First of all, we design and produce all furniture collections in our production facility. As a manufacturer, we know every little detail and help you whenever needed. Each piece of furniture is made complying with global standards up to minor parts.

Another advantage is that we offer socially responsible designs with certified and %100 recyclable materials. ORES Furniture Collections are constructed with environmentally friendly materials.

We are always near our customers with our customer service. You can call or email customer representatives to ask questions and get more information.