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Digital presentations are widely used in today's world. Many businesses use various advanced technology to engage their customers and visitors while making advertising more interesting and interactive. Digital displays can increase the success of every business as long as they are correctly applied.

Digital presentations support sales, promotions, and a sense of brand while creating more efficient campaigns, exhibitions, conferences and more. Indeed, multimedia presentations make your work easier, too. This is because you can provide a lot of information with pictures, charts, and videos to your target audience even before the first meeting.

Where to use digital displays?

Digital displays are used to interact with customers at restaurants, check out at the register, and collaborate in group meetings at the offices. Many organizations and companies get help from these technological displays to present products or services and other information at showrooms, events, and conferences.

Indeed, interactive screens are everywhere, and technology has allowed companies to develop their communication through many tools. Likewise other sectors, the advertising industry has benefited greatly from digital technologies and is also gradually moving from paper to screens. Therefore, customers and visitors expect more visual communication tools from companies and organisations.

Digital presentation tools are ideal for events, exhibitions, shops, pop-up shows, conferences, etc., so it fits all indoor areas. Also, we have found that our digital displays are commonly used in schools, airports, shopping malls and many other public spaces.

How to choose the best digital displays?

There are many digital displays in the market and there are some features you need to consider.

First of all, we recommend you to buy your digital displays from a designer and producer. Because they will know the product, they can help if something gets wrong, and most of their products comply with international standards. 

Other features are durability, size and charging availability. You can use durable products for many years and save money in the long term. You should check the models of your iPad to see whether the size is suitable for the stand. Charging availability is another issue that can be missed out. Keep in mind that it would be best to have the device with an uninterrupted power cable.

Our digital displays are durable with quality materials, likewise anodised aluminium and steel. On the other hand, electrical components comply with CE standards- most of them have a continuous iPad power supply. 

We are keen to follow and improve global display and advertising trends. Our biggest goal is to produce visually appealing, memorable and effective displays for digital presentations. Without a good display and ease of use, it is not possible to take maximum advantage of digital screens.

We have a design and customer support team you can reach at any time. Your product has a certain warranty period and even after that, we help you with the spare parts, repair, etc.

How to use digital displays?

Digital displays mostly offer simple usage. However, installation and usage information depends on the product type and model. Generally, you are supposed to mount only the main parts with screws. 

We always send installation guidelines with your purchase. You do not have to be a technician or have the technical knowledge to install them. Also, you can contact our support team for your questions at any time.

What are the advantages of ORES digital displays?

We are keen to follow and improve global display and advertising trends. Our biggest goal is to produce visually appealing, memorable and effective tools for digital presentations

Not every company produces digital displays themselves, but most sell supplied by manufacturers. We are pleased to have designed and manufactured our own iPad displays, kiosks and podiums for a range of different uses. 

We have customers from various countries using ORES digital displays in their companies. One of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector company is quality. Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms like connectors, are complied with global standards. Then, we pass our products through quality control and deliver them to you. 

Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction globally. So whenever you need, our customer service is ready to help.