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Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnetic LED Infoboard

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnetic LED Menuboard

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnetic Curve LED Infoboard

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

Magnetic Curve LED Menuboard

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

LED Infoboard

Light Boxes & illuminated Displays

LED Menuboard


Infoboards are popular products to display any style graphic, glossy fliers, new product notices, welcoming messages, announcements, directories, upcoming sales, and more. Info boards enhance the image of any business, from offices to exhibitions, providing a stylish and upmarket appearance.

We offer many info board designs and sizes that are suitable for various needs. You can use these display stands to promote your brand, inform about your campaigns, show your logo, give your message, and more. 

The more information you give your customers, the more brand awareness you create; this is why almost every business needs info panels.

Where are info boards used?

Info stands are widely used across many businesses to disturb and display information and create brand recognition. Many institutions, organizations, companies, and offices employ info stands in events, exhibitions, stores, and supermarkets. 

Every company or organization needs to communicate with its target group. You can use info boards, regardless of the working area, to display your visuals because posters communicate on your behalf with customers, visitors, and target groups. You can reach people you even do not meet. 

We have many customers using info boards in restaurants, coffee, offices, receptions, hotels, public buildings, malls, and so on. In short, they can be used anywhere the messages need to be given or visuals are preferred to be displayed.

However, to draw attention, you should display your visuals properly. We come across many companies that advertise their businesses and provide information about their services with infostands. An excellent presentation can make a good impression on your brand and company and helps to highlight the professionalism of your brand image. Therefore, having an info board is as essential as having a poster itself. 

Infoboards have many types suitable for use indoors, outdoors, and even in unfavorable weather conditions. Additionally, you can prefer illuminated boards to gain more attention. You can use menu boards to display your menu, whereas direct people by employing arrow-shaped boards.

You can always contact us to find compatible infoboards for your needs and questions.

How to choose the best info boards?

There are some basic elements to consider, such as place of use, aim, size, etc., to choose the best info board for your business. Besides, as a visual communication tool, info boards can contribute to a positive brand image. Therefore, the selected product should suit your aim, place, and brand image. 

Double-sided info boards or LED-illuminated boards can be used to attract more attention in crowded places. Also, sometimes content plays a role in shape selection, likewise using an arrow info infoboard to direct people. If you want to display your menu, you can consider menu board options. To protect the visual, you can prefer lockable menu cases. 

Before buying a poster stand, we recommend you think about your aim. You may add brochure stands to your info board. Adjustable infoboards are ideal for adding extras.

Last but not least, the quality of the infoboard is vital. You can learn the product's material and prefer durable ones like aluminum. If you buy your stand from a manufacturer, you can ask for customizations if necessary. 

In any case, selecting a reliable company will help you if any problem occurs. Global manufacturers having customer services are good options. Keep in mind that after-sales support can be necessary. 

How to use info boards?

Infoboards usage depends on models and types. First, most info boards are delivered disassembled to reduce transportation costs and preserve the product from damage. If the stand occupies a wide space, we recommend buying the product disassembled. So, you will save money and protect your product.

On the other hand, we encourage you to buy a stand enabling quick and easy installation. Most of these boards are ready to use after mounting the main parts with screws. 

On the other hand, the way of putting your visual depends on the models or types. For instance, sliding frames and snap frames are used differently. 

In any case, the manufacturer should inform you about info stand installation and usage. 

What are the advantages of ORES Infoboards?

ORES Infoboards are designed considering ease of use and durability. We design and produce info boards in our production facility. We follow global standards in the production process and deliver products made of quality materials with functional models. 

Quality is one of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector. The quality of stands determines product life. You can use high-quality poster stands with different visuals for long years. 

Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms like screws, comply with global standards. Our products are subjected to quality control.

We offer long-cycle product life, guarantee and customer services that you can ask your questions. 

Another advantage is we offer a wide- range of infoboards. So, you have many product options to consider, and we make customizations when necessary. 

In short, we design and produce many info stands by prioritizing customer satisfaction with quality checks, customer service, customization, and global services.