Rustic Themes: Restaurant, Bar, And Pub Display Ideas


Rustic themes and designs have become trendy last few years. Many restaurants, cafes and pubs leave brick or stone walls to distinguish their businesses. Rustic architectural feelings can be shaped with lambs, wood tables, and colors, but what about displays?

Retro displays and signages are essential complements of retro or rustic-look companies. They do not come to the scene only with their appearance, but most are functional and allow you to put your brand name, service and logo forward. 

The summer is on the way. So, why not change your design, add some displays, and turn your space into a countryside pub? It is timeless and always attention-grabbing. Besides, very easy to realize- adding a little touch will be enough to give a vintage feeling to your place.

Why are restaurant, bar, and pub displays so important?

Display products are the main tools to prepare a perfect representation of information about services, brands, campaigns and events to people through their eyes. The most obvious benefit of a display or signage is its ability to grab attention regardless of where it is placed.

When it comes to restaurants, pubs and bars, appearance becomes much more important as people spend their time in these places and expect to see good scenes. People do not for only good foods and drinks. They also come to your place to have more memorable and enjoyable experiences. They love to think that they are a part of something unique. Displays and signages are vital elements of the overall experience. They create a mood and reflect your brand’s identity and theme.

You can create a perfect place full of decoration harmony that gives your customers great satisfaction. It is important to take this chance because they will talk about you with their friends and family, so get more recommendations. More recommendations mean more brand awareness which every business is trying to achieve. So, it is more understandable now the significance of displays, right?

How to Become a Rustic Cafe, Bar, or Restaurant?

To create a rustic bar, restaurant or cafe, we need to know what makes a place rustic. Indeed, there is no strict rule or specific design to describe rustic decoration. In other words, you have many options to shape your space. However, the only thing you need to choose the objects and decors that seem natural, aged, organic or maybe even a little distressed. Especially natural colors are important and can mostly be found readily in nature, from the green of the leaves and the warm orange of the sunset to the earthy brown of the mud. Otherwise, each decor can be drastically different from the other- no worries. 

You can start with wooden objects or wooden-looking decors and add some stones around. Also, you can get support from a warm light with a lamp or candle. Dried flowers or mokihi can be placed in a vase and put on tables. Moreover, colorful frames or wooden-look ones with retro graphics are perfect.

A blanket or a pillow on the chair, old-style mugs on wall shelves and thick ropes can make your place rustic. 

On the other hand, we offer some displays and signages to help you complete rustic theme.



Cafe Barrier

Cafe Barrier is perfect for banner design presentations for cafes, restaurants and pubs. You can choose old-style visuals and advertisements to get a rustic appearance. It is a unique, innovative and sturdy space-dividing system that gives you a chance to advertise and promote your brand. You can create a rustic pub or restaurant by designing a retro banner.


Chalk Swing

Chalk Swing is designed for those who want to combine chalkboard and poster swing. You heard it right; you can both use this swing as a poster stand and a regular chalkboard. While it gives an eye-catching retro look with wooden frames, it is also sturdy with a fillable base. Pick a chalk, write your menu, or design your own graphic and display it!


Chalk Wooden Frame

It is a good supplement for your interior design if you want to create a rustic look. Handwriting gives a warm and sincere feeling to your customer. Mount this chalk frame on your wall with hook hangers. You just think about what to write on the board!


Delta Wall Brackets – Flag Mount

Flag mount signage models, which are mounted perpendicular to the wall, are perfect tools to create a countryside look in your bar or restaurant. While guiding the people around the business to a certain area (WC, checkout or self-service area, etc.) they communicate with your customers on your behalf. 

Using natural colors in the visuals of this flag mount delta sign, shape your rustic place.


Wooden Look Snap Frame

Wooden or wooden look objects are part of the rustic theme, as mentioned above. You do not want to leave your walls empty. You can prefer to hang some wooden look snape frames on the walls instead. Display your menu, logo, or even an old movie poster and put it in your frame. It is one of the good steps to shape a retro appearance.


Classic Menuboard

Classic Menuboard is one of our most popular products for restaurants, bars and pubs with its easy use and durable construction. Thanks to the menu boards, you can simply share your daily campaigns, specials and menus. 

We offer a wooden-look menu board for those who prefer to design a retro, rustic place for their customers. The more you share information, the more your customers are satisfied.


Table Top Chalk Board

When it comes to the tables, do not forget to put a flowerpot or a candle. As a reminder, a natural and warm look is prominent. You can get more support from displays. A tabletop chalkboard can be what you are looking for. Put your content forward and keep simplicity with frameless black construction. It has a writable texture- with chalk or neon markers- but is also suitable for pad printing, self-adhesive vinyl applications and poly dome labels. Wood base shines on your tables.

Frameless Tower Showcase

This showcase is a unique glass vitrine for your bar accessories or mugs. Displaying vintage bar or kitchen tools is perfect for a rustic appearance. 

You can place this frameless showcase, providing a fully unobstructed view, and show your old-style cups, wine glasses, mugs, and cups with some dried flowers and stones around.

What is more?

We do more. 

This list includes only some of our picks to create a rustic restaurant, bar, or pub. We have more display and signage options. Also, we offer customization of our standard products and even design unique displays just for you.

Let’s design your bar, cafes, pubs, and restaurants together.

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