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Poster Frames

Poster Frames are very common tools to promote a business, institution or organization, regardless of the field of operation. Posters are the communications tools for conveying brand, logo, and messages to the target audience. In short, poster frames are one of the best tools for displaying visual communication materials. Alongside choosing the correct poster design, aesthetically displaying your posters is essential for catching attention.

Fortunately, frames are designed in various types and models. You should consider usage area, your message and decoration before you buy a poster frame. For instance, safety snap frames or lockable snap frames are often used to provide poster control. They restrict unauthorized access to your visuals. Colored frames, which come to the forefront with vivid colors, are preferred to give call-to-action messages. On the other hand, window frames are applied to store windows to display promotions. To sum up, almost every business line uses poster frames in many ways. However, selecting the correct type suitable for your message, purposes, and designs is essential.

As ORES, we are always ready to help you identify the most suitable poster frames for your needs with our expert designers and production team.

Do I Need a Poster Frame? Where can I Use them?

Poster frames have a wide range of usage areas. You see frames with informative posters in places like hospitals, schools and health institutions. Commercial frames are employed in shopping malls, cinemas, theaters and other crowded occasions for announcements and promotions. In offices, businesses, and stores, frames convey the desired message, display the logo, and increase brand awareness.

Poster frames have many different types. Also, they are produced by using various materials. They are also very efficient advertising products as you can use them many times with different posters. 

Posters put your advertising campaign forwards regardless of your work area. You should always complete your advertisements with an elegant poster frame. For instance, if you have a retro theme in your ads, you can select wooden look snape frame. If your space accords with overhead frames, then you can use double-sided poster frames, too. Window frames are used in retail displays. Water-resistant snap frames are suitable for outdoor conditions. 

As seen from the examples, you can use frames in every sector and place by considering convenience. For creating brand awareness, professionalism and a higher profile, poster frames are the tools you need. 

How do I Choose a Frame for a Poster? 

When choosing a poster frame, some characteristics should be considered, like any promotional and advertising products. As a manufacturer, we design frames by considering specific criteria and each model has prominent features for needs. We would like to give some information about the basic features you should pay attention to when deciding on poster frame types.

First of all, your poster design matters. Be careful that your poster frames match your poster's aesthetic. Poster size and thickness of the frame profiles are also essential. Thicker profiles are mainly used with bigger designs. Of course, this is not a rule, but pay regard to poster design

You should know where to locate poster frames because there are indoor or outdoor frames. You may need water-resistant, lockable, or safety snap frames for outdoor or crowded environments. 

You should also take into other display and advertisement equipment account for decoration harmony. At this point, aluminium poster frames are one of the best choices because they adapt to many environments and have almost limited colour options.

Quick and practical usage is also vital for saving time and energy. For example, slide-in frames and snap frames, also known as front opening frames, are incredibly effortless. 

Last but not least, you should always buy your frames from reliable and expert companies. Expert campaigns are adequate to guide you. They know the material of the frame made and have customer services to help you. You can reach customer representatives easily to solve problems. Finally, if possible, you should work with manufacturers able to customize the product for you, as some customizations can be necessary from time to time.  

What are the Different Types of Poster Frames?

Poster frames vary according to usage areas, corner shapes, features and benefits. Professional companies produce poster frames by considering all these specifications.

Frames can have mitred corners or round corners. Round corner frames are especially preferred in crowded areas or places with a risk of hitting a corner. 

At the same time, poster frames can be grouped according to profile thickness. Profile thickness can vary from 20 mm to 80 mm. When it comes to the security level, some poster frames, e.g., safety snap frames or lockable snap frames, are needed more effort to open their profiles. They are usually preferred to control poster access. 

There are single-sided and double-sided poster frames. While single-sided frames are suitable for use on the wall, double-sided frames can be preferred in places where people come from both sides. They can be used on store windows or hung.

As it is understood, frames can be grouped in different ways. We group them into additional dimensions likewise, desktop frames, magnetic panels, stretch frames, poster holders, etc. There are also fire protective frames in this group to use in risky areas.

We know it is not easy finding the right one; this is why you need to buy your frames from professional designers and producers. You can advise them which poster frames suit your needs and direct your questions to customer representatives. 

How to Use Poster Frames?

Poster frame usage is quite easy. Naturally use of your frame depends on its type. The most common types, named as snap frames, can be opened from front profiles, removing the protective pet poster film and inserting your posters. Then, you can put the film back and close the profiles.

On the other hand, slide-in posters can be used by sliding the posters in and out from the sides. 

Lockable poster frames can be opened with a key, generally used in crowded areas. Safety snap frames, on the other hand, are designed to be opened by extra force.

When it comes to mounting, the seller should supply mounting materials. If so, you can mount the frame easily yourself without losing time. Mounting is mostly done through the holes in the back of the frame. Suspended frames, also known as overhead frames, are mounted with steel wires on the ceiling.

In short, usage and mounting depend on the frame types. However, almost all the frames have easy and quick use. 

ORES provides detailed usage information and mounting set according to the selected model. In addition, you can always contact our customer representatives for your questions.

What are the Advantages of Choosing ORES?

We design the frames by considering ease of use and durability. Not every company produces the poster frames themselves. Most of them sell the frames supplied by manufacturers. Therefore, it is tough to get help from them when a problem occurs because they can not know all information about the product.

We design and produce poster frames in our production facility. Therefore, we know every stage of production and product information in detail. At the same time, we subject our products to quality control and minimize errors. Our customer service is ready to answer your questions about the products and help you with any problems.

The quality of poster frames determines product life. Choosing quality frames for long-term use is crucial as poster frames are reusable display products. Poor-quality frames cause problems after a few poster replacements. We have connections with many businesses in various countries using our frames in their advertising companies. One of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector company is quality. Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms, are considered. For example, although you can not see outside, we use stainless springs and components to produce durable frames. Then, we pass our products through quality control and deliver them to you. 

We care needs of your business in the design and production of advertising frames. According to your poster selection, we help you when necessary and even customize our products for your company. We can produce specific sizes upon your request and add more features to the frames upon request.

Last but not least, you can easily reach our customer service when you need after-sales support.