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Acrylic Products 

Acrylic products are elegant with transparent structure and durable with outstanding strength. Although acrylic products have been used in many industries for a long time, display world recently realized its power. Acrylic displays are not only strong and have long product life, but they are also %100 recyclable, so, environmentally friendly.

Where to use acrylic products?

Acrylic display products, with their impact-resistant surface and lightweight construction, are used in many areas by companies, hospitals, stores and more. Also, they have been recognised with the recent pandemic, that acrylic is one of the most easy to clean and hygienic materials so have been increasing popular following this.

There are many types of products, brochure racks, display units, display shelves, ballot boxes, etc. Also, with our neon acrylic colour options, they become staring displays. Depending of the type, acrylic products can be used in stores, malls, restourants, cafes and receptions. 

What are the types of acrylic products?

Acrylic products have almost limitless designs, shapes, colors, and functions. But the most known acrylic displays are brochure racks, card holders, product shelves, menu holders, etc. 

We are also able to supply acrylic features and accessories for some of our product ranges so that you can fully customize your display to fit your unique business needs. Our acrylic products come in a wide range of colours, display options, and sizes. Turn your dull space into your own eye-catching, advertising area to display your advertising materials.

How to use acrylic products?

There are no specific usage guidelines for acrylic products, as they come in different types. However, most acrylic products have easy and quick usage and do not require any installation.

On the other hand, if necessary, we send installation information with our products. Besides, you can always call our customer service to ask you questions.

What are the advantages of ORES acrylic products?

As a global company, we offer eye-catching acrylic display signs, brochure holders and various display accessories for any need. We design and produce our products in our production facility; therefore, we make customization and make new designs for you whenever needed.

You can find many acrylic products on our website and contact our customer representatives to explain your needs, solve your problems together.