City Sign

City Sign Features:

-35 mm. wide silver anodized aluminium snap frame profile in E6/EV1.

– 27 mm. in diameter steel tube profiles.

-Comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

-Double-sided graphic presentation.

-100 mm. high circle base. 

-1.2 mm thick, galvanized steel semi-circle logo plate.

-City Sign without logo plate or PVC foam logo plate optional. 

– Polypropylene(PP) backplate as standard. Optional galvanized steel and polystyrene(PS) backplate.

-Waterproof structure.

-Galvanized star bakelite handle screw.

-Poster protective PVC film included.

-Can be produced in all colours(RAL).

-B2, B1 and A1 poster size options. The dimensions of the length, logo plate and base depend on the poster size you choose.