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Outdoor Sidewalk Signs

Steel A Board “Salute”

Outdoor Sidewalk Signs

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Outdoor Sidewalk Signs

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Outdoor Sidewalk Signs


Outdoor Sidewalk Signs

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Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are boards for promotional and advertising purposes placed in front of shops, offices, businesses, institutions, and organizations. They have various types, such as sandwich boards, swings, chalkboards, stoppers, etc. Most of them have double-sided to make them visible to people from both sides. 

Sidewalk signs or pavement signs are commonly used for advertising and promoting brands or companies. They are adaptable products to almost every business line. So, regardless of your sector, you can use them to give information, transmit your main message, or show your logo and company name. 

Sidewalk signs are usually applied in front of your company. They start communicating on your behalf with your customers and visitors passing by your store. 

Where to use sidewalk signs?

Sidewalk signs are among the display products with the broadest usage area. They are employed in many areas, from individual offices to large companies, malls, or centers. You can use them in shopping malls, stores, health centers, or schools. Any kind of event can be more potent with these pavement signs

In cafes and restaurants, we often come across menus, promotions, and campaigns displayed on sandwich boards. They are suitable for different places thanks to their practical and effortless usage. Pavement signs continuously expand your advertising and promotion space regardless of your business.

How to choose sidewalk signs?

There are many kinds of sidewalk signs. Fortunately, pavement signs are not complex products; you only should consider the place of usage, quality of the product, and dimension. 

First, you should think about whether you use your sidewalk sign display indoors or outdoors. After, you can decide on the design and material, which are features that contribute to your concept and brand image. For instance, if you want a retro or vintage mood, you can check Antique A-boards or Steel A-boards.

Also, you can use single or double-sided pavement signs. Another sidewalk sign display is chalkboard used to display your menu in the café or restaurant and can be changed quickly. 

Weather conditions may affect your selection- if the place is windy, you can check the swings.

Regardless of your sidewalk sign choice, you should always consider the quality. Check the material, ask about product features you are interested in, and evaluate suitability for your brand image and needs. 

Manufacturers know the details of the product. If required, they can also help you and solve your problems, such as supplying spare parts when necessary. 

If you buy products from a global company, they will have quality and production standards. Besides, you can search if the company has customer services beforehand. 

What are the types of sidewalk signs?

Sidewalk signs vary by designs, materials, place of usage, and dimensions. They can be made of plastic, steel, aluminum, or other materials. 

For instance, sidewalks with a water base, namely swings, can be more suitable for use in harsh weather. If you want to display your visual easily, use signs with magnetic areas. Chalkboards are perfect for menus and daily campaigns. 

You can display your brand or logo in a separate sign area called logo plate. You can ask if the manufacturer can provide your selected product with a logo plate.

To make your best choice, it may be easier to ask product features to the manufacturer company. Because there are many models, each of them has its own characteristic. 

How to use sidewalk signs?

Sidewalk signs have many types, all practical and easy to use, although usage depends on the models. While the pavement signs with bases can be filled with water or sand to make them heavier, classical A sandwich boards do not require storage but have metal bases. 

Some sidewalk signs are designed for poster display, while others have writing areas. Also, their frames can be different, e.g., snap or sliding. 

If you have a magnetic board, you should use magnets to display your posters. Otherwise, you can put your visuals behind the profiles. 

If you need to mount the sidewalk sign, this process is usually based on fitting the main parts together with screws, or some, without a tool. 

You should have detailed mounting and usage information from the company you purchased the product because small details can cause a problem. Also, the company's customer service should be available for your questions.

What are the advantages of ORES sidewalk signs?

ORES designs sidewalk signs by taking into account ease of use and durability. Not every company produces pavement signs themselves, but most sell supplied by manufacturers. Therefore, it is tough to get help from them when a problem occurs as they can not know all information about the product.

We design and produce sidewalk signs in our industrial location. Therefore, we know every stage of production and product information in detail. At the same time, we subject our products to quality control. In this way, we can answer your questions about the products and help you with any problems.

As the quality of pavement signs determines product life, it is crucial to choose quality boards for long-term use. Poor quality cause problems after a few usages. 

We have customers from various countries using ORES pavement signs in their advertising companies. One of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector company is quality. Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms like hinges, are complied with global standards. Then, we pass our products through quality control and deliver them to you. 

We consider the needs of your business in the production of sidewalk signs. Alongside offering a wide range of product options, we make customization when required. 

In short, we are here for customer satisfaction from production to packing for you with quality checks, customer service, and customization.

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