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Exhibition Equipment

Exhibition equipment are products and accessories that promote and advertise your company, organization, institution, or organization at exhibitions, fairs, conferences and similar events. 

Exhibitions and trade fairs are the events that bring you together with your target group and enable you to display your brand, goods and services by using exhibition booths and stands. You provide a first impression with your displays. Visual communication elements affect this communication. Therefore, the more you display your brand professionally more you draw attraction.

How To Choose The Right Exhibition Equipment?

There are some factors you should consider when ordering exhibition equipment. It is no doubt you should display your brand with aesthetic accessories. Also, you can consider the place of use, your needs, and your brand image.

The more display products you use, the more you gain attention. But all these displays should be in harmony. For instance, if you want to create an elegant brand image, sticking to coherent colors and compatible products helps. For instance, to create a retro brand image, you can use colorful concepts and asymmetrical or zigzag display products.

Additionally, functional, lighter, modular display equipment enables you to save time and ease. In other words, you should select portable products you can install quickly and practically. For instance, modular exhibition booths, shelves with wheels, and foldable stands are good choices. 

Also, it is better not to forget to check the dimensions of the accessories or the main booth. We recommend using stands that can be enlarged and downsized depending on the place you have. In this way, you can use your exhibition booth at other events as well. For instance, CENTRO exhibition stands are innovative modular booths that are not required tools for installation. These stands are compatible with many display products, such as brochure racks, digital screens or display shelves

Naturally, you should select high-quality materials to provide a good appearance and multiple usages. For instance, graphic areas can be designed, enabling using it for a long time with different visuals. 

Moreover, if it is possible to purchase products from a professional manufacturer, you can have many opportunities. They can provide installation information and material knowledge in detail. Leading manufacturers offer free design services for your exhibition booths and accessories. In addition, their products are usually subjected to quality control and come with a warranty. Companies working on global standards also have customer services for after-sales support, so you can direct questions to them and solve your problems easier.

We are one of the key companies in the advertising sector in the world. We design and produce many exhibition products in our production facility. Customization of the products according to your needs is one of the advantages we provide.

What kind of exhibition equipment can you use? 

Exhibition equipment has many types that vary by function and usage. However, the main products used in exhibitions and trade events are counters, shelves, totems, iPad podiums, banners, pop-ups, and similar. With these exhibition accessories, you can promote your brand and display your logo, graphics, brochures, and business card. Moreover, you can even add an iPad holder and digital screen to your stand. 

Besides, we designed CENTRO stands that are modular with a T-lock system, is no need tool for installation. You can extend CENTRO stands by adding many accessories. The magnetic visual area allows you to display your graphics without an additional tool. We strongly recommend CENTRO stands to get more attention, easy and quick utilization and elegant appearance. 

To check other exhibition equipment, you can check here or ask our customer representatives. 

How to Use Exhibition Equipment?

Exhibition equipment is used differently depending on their types and models. Most of the products are easy and quick to install as time is essential for events. Also, they are usually lighter than other displays that are not needed to carry. Most of them are ready after a few screwing or locking mechanisms. Some of them are suitable for extension and adding new compatible products.  

Foldable, portable, and lighter products are the best options for events. You should also know how much time installation takes up. For instance, you can use foldable counters to save place or click-fit equipment such as slatwalls. With centro stands, you do not lose time with mounting the graphics but pin with magnets on the panel. 

As you see, all exhibition products are mounted and used differently. When you purchase the product, be sure that you will be provided with installation information. Also, when you have a problem or question, you should able to communicate with the company you bought the product.

What are the advantages of ORES exhibition equipment?

We design and produce exhibition equipment and accessories by taking into account the ease of use, durability and portability. For example, there are many counters we designed to use without requiring tools. 

When you buy exhibition equipment, you should know that not every company produces these displays themselves. Most companies sell exhibition stands supplied by manufacturers. Therefore, it is tough to get help from them when a problem occurs as they can not know all information about the product.

We design and produce exhibition equipment in our facility. Therefore, we know every stage of production and product information in detail. At the same time, we subject our products to quality control. Thanks to our customer service, we are ready to answer your questions about the products and help you with any problems.

Another factor is quality, which determines product life. It is crucial to choose quality exhibition products, you will need them for the next exhibitions—poor quality cause problems after a few uses. 

We have customers from many countries using our stands at exhibitions, trade fairs and similar events. One of the most important reasons we have become the leading sector company is quality. Alongside high-quality outer materials, all parts of the products, including minor mechanisms, comply with global standards. We pass our products through quality control at every stage, package them properly and deliver. 

We consider the needs of your business in the production of exhibition stands. With our wide- range of products, you can find many exhibition equipment or exhibition stands that perfectly fit your brand image and needs. But also make customization and offer free-design services for exhibition stands. 

In short, we supply all the products you need to set up an exhibition or trade show or to create a specific booth or display for your company. Also, you can easily reach us when you need after-sales support.