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Acrylic Slant Back Sign Holder

* This acrylic sign frame is the ideal holder to keep your signage and graphics
protected from dirt & dust.
* The clear construction provides a view of the entire image on display.
* This acrylic sign frame, such as a tabletop clear graphics holder, is a double-sided display.
* Place the same or two different images back-to-back within this holders.
* This display is designed to hold standard leaflet sizes like A4, A5, A6 and 1/3 A4 sheets of paper printed on a standard printer and inserting into the frame easly.
* Each acrylic sign frame is designed to chang your leaflets out by slipping the paper through the bottom or sides.
* This acrylic sign frame is also offered with silkscreen printing options.
* Customizing the label holders’ sizes is possible upon request.
* Acrylic stands as a slidein-tabletop display are best and ideal for presenting a data-sheet.
* The viewer can easily and clearly read by the inclined form of the L-acrylic stand the paper loaded.
* The T and triangle bottom acrylic stand are available as double-sided displays.
* All Acrylic Stands are named by the type of shape as T-frame, A-plateholder or special “plus sign” or 3 Wing stand. Acrylic glass is always used in the transparent / glassy form.
* For custom products also colored material can be combined with clear acrylic holder.

Note: the clamping effect in the smaller holders (DIN A7 / A8 / DIN 9 format or similar) is still weak, to protect the holder from breaking during placing your advertising.

The acrylic stands are also used as: Advertisment holders, tabletop holders for pricing and daily tickets, product information holders, photo and picture holder in the private sector and the office workers and even more.

Product Description

MATERIAL: 3 mm Clear Acrylic
LHI 1121 110×210 | Vertical
LHI 2111 210×110 | Horizontal
LHI 1511 150×110 | Horizontal
LHI 1115 110×150 | Vertical
LHI 2115 210×150 | Horizontal
LHI 1521 150×210 | Vertical
LHI 2130 210×300 | Vertical
LHI 3021 300×210 | Horizontal


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